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Are all sign languages the same?

Latin American Comparison of Sign Languages / Signs Sign language is not a universal language. The World Federation of Deaf People points out that there are more than 300 sign languages in the world, a complement to almost seven thousand oral languages, including for example the English or Spanish language. Why is there no universal […]

Plan your trip using an “accessibility chain”

Access is a chain of events that begins with the decision to visit and ends with the safe return home of the visitor. Fuente: https://www.sensorytrust.org.uk/information/factsheets/planning-your-inclusive-communication.html The Access Chain describes access as it is experienced from a visitor’s perspective. It prompts you to think about what information they need at each step, by whom and how […]

Actions in favor of International Disability Day

We celebrated this December 3rd; working on a paper before the National Assembly commission that deals with the revision to the new Organic Law of Land Transport and Road Safety, The denial of the Operation Permit to our project: ACCESSIBLE AND INCLUSIVE TOURIST TRANSPORTATION NETWORK OF ECUADOR. (RED-TTAIE Cia. Ltda.): It has been in the […]